Freedom Bra

Women have struggled for years to find the perfect bra. Well, the struggle is finally over because Freedom Bra™ is here. The Freedom Bra™ features the bra that every woman has dreamed of; no straps, no back and no lines!

Freedom Bra™ means all new feelings you can have with it - so natural, light and comfortable to wear with self adhesive straps eliminating any needs for straps. Freedom Bra™ clings and lies under any of your strapless, bare back, gown and all your favorite sexy dresses invisibly, with total freedom and confidence. Freedom Bra™ works with a secret self healing adhesive. It clings every time but leaves no residue on your skin. It is so skin friendly that anyone can wear it. Best of all the adhesive property of the Freedom Bra™ will regenerate after every wash. Now you can be sure to use it over and over again.

Benefits and Features:

  • The Freedom Bra is made from two hypoallergenic silicone forms that looks natural and feels real!
  • Freedom Bra won't fall down as the forms adhere to your skin naturally and securely.
  • Just roll the form over your skin and press down lightly. In seconds you're ready to look your best for hours at a time!
  • And nothing controls cleavage like the Freedom Bra with its exclusive Cleavage Control Clip.
  • Great for backless and srapless fashions!
  • Available for your cup sizes A, B or C, in NUDE and Black .
  • Freedom Bra is washable and re-usable and it comes in an airlock container for storage